Getting Started

To be honest, I haven’t blogged in years. When I did, though, I really enjoyed it – partly for the newness of the medium, partly for the creative outlet, and partly for the ability to connect with people in new ways.

After a few years of relatively consistent posts, however, I let it drift out of focus. I found myself posting with less frequency and the content was a bit more varied. Over time, I gave it up alltogether but always told myself I would eventually get back to it.

Fast forward. I recently read a copy of James Clear‘s Atomic Habits which prompted a reboot. I love process and Clear’s tips really resonated – small changes leading to big results, making time for a new habit, and setting up an environment to be successful are my top takeaways.

Specific to these, I have time set aside each morning before work to think and ideate about what I’ll write and how I’ll develop the site (making time), I’ll have my kitchen table, note pad, laptop, and coffee handy (environment), and will commit to 30 minutes a day (small changes) to moving things forward. The good news is that I already have a framework in mind and a few points of inspiration. So now it’s just a matter of getting started.

The key thing I’ll have to remember is that “done is better than perfect.”

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