Start With Why

Great and easy read, wish I had stumbled on this when it first came out.

Synopsis: Simon Sinek provides an exceptional narrative on finding and inspiring purpose through leadership by focusing on the simple question, “Why?”

Through his biographies of such iconic leaders as Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the Wright Brothers among others, Sinek explores the distinction between ‘why’ people who seek to set movements in motion and ‘how’ people who help them accomplish their goals. Using a model called the “Golden Circle” that builds out the why, how, and what of leading versus manipulating, Sinek illustrates its positive implications to organisational leadership, brand development, employee motivation, marketing and sales.

Sinek also shares his own ‘why’ – to inspire others – which sets the stage for readers to self-reflect and discover their own primary motivation.

In the following Ted Talk segment, Sinek explains how great leaders inspire action. Get a copy of the book here.